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THE SEVEN GIFTS by Dr. Marty Finkelstein

THE SEVEN GIFTS by Dr. Marty Finklestein

If you’ve ever found yourself looking at life and asking “what is this all about,” “how did I get here” and “what does it all mean,” “The 7 Gifts” will take you by the hand to help you discover the gentle answers already whispering within your heart. “The 7 Gifts” takes us on a personal journey through the eyes of the seeker. Dr. Finkelstein uses the gifts of nature and Divine Spirit to help us reconnect with our inner selves. His approach is holistic and mesmerizing. From the beginning, he captures the attention of the reader and they become one with the seeker. One quickly realizes that he is allowing us a glimpse into his own life. The messages and lessons are profound, educational and at times can leave you gasping for air. It is a beautiful and emotional ride on the roller coaster of life. “The 7 Gifts” is an easy read and a timeless gift that will enable the reader to affect positive and life-long changes in their lives.

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