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A Life of Wellness: Guidelines For Avoiding Illness by Dr. Marty Finkelstein















In the world where illness appears to be the norm, “A Life of Wellness” reminds us what is possible when we develop guidelines and strategies to create a healthy life. Each page simply guides us on a healing journey, as we reconnect to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Where other books can weigh us down with complexities regarding health, “A Life of Wellness” lifts us up as each page is a healing meditation in itself. This is a book that can be reread and shared with family and friends, so that we are all reminded that “A Life of Wellness” should be anticipated.

3 HOUR interactive WORKSHOP WITH Dr. Marty Finkelstein


3 HOUR interactive WORKSHOP WITH Dr. Marty Finkelstein

1. LEARN why most intimate relationships will fail and why it is predictable

2. LEARN why it seems we keep picking the “wrong people”

3. LEARN how to heal from past wounded relationships and the feeling of a “broken heart”

4. LEARN about the importance of a “Scouting Report” when beginning a new relationship

5. LEARN how each relationship we are in is a mirror to see and learn about ourselves

6. DISCOVER what the “Circle of Love” is and why it is vital for a relationship growing and evolving

7. DISCOVER what you truly desire in each relationship, and what is unacceptable, and what is negotiable

8. DISCOVER the essential skills of “Communication” and exercises to participate in with your partner

9. DISCOVER the 7 essential ingredients for developing a healthy empowered relationship

10.DISCOVER what “Sex” has to do with it, and the difference between sex, intimacy, and love

Dr. Marty Finkelstein is a holistic chiropractor who has specialized in physical and emotional healing for thirty years. He has created several workshops to empower healing and love in relationships. He is also the author of:

If Relationships were like Sports, Men would at least Know the Score

Divorce, An Uncommon Love Story

The Seven Gifts

A Life of Wellness

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