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Dr. Finkelstein’s book, Divorce: An Uncommon Love Story, presents his experiences as he bares his soul walking through the fires of anger, sadness, and rage, until he discovers deeper love, compassion,and forgiveness. This inevitably creates the possibility of healing for his whole family. This story reveals how to avoid being bankrupt both financially and emotionally, and why it is essential to understand the journey of healing. Through this story people learn the importance of clear vision, the necessity of continued communication, and the commitment to actually create a healthy divorce. This candid sharing of the feelings and experiences of divorce, is accompanied by practical advice for dealing with both the legal/financial aspects of divorce and the heart-wrenching emotional turmoil that accompanies the process. An exercise at the end of the book helps in the emotional healing needed after a divorce, in order to move on and have more fulfilling relationships in the future.

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Comments on: "DIVORCE: AN UNCOMMON LOVE STORY by Dr. Marty Finkelstein" (2)

  1. Wow, this book is a lifesaver. For me. My family, and anyone else dealing with divorce….thank you dr. Marty for sharing your courageous efforts in addressing this often times difficult subject matter

  2. thank you Peter, please share it with others…for the healing message is for anyone facing any of life’s challenges

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